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Under the link below is a list of the event bus stops for transportation to and from your accommodation, airport, the conference and optional participation events.

Transportation to and from the airport, conference and optional participation events, will depart and arrive from Katinkulta hotel. The Day 2 visit to the Brigade will have an additional bus stop departing and arriving from the Kaukametsä venue.

To gain access to the Brigade for the Day 2 program (19.09.2019), you will need to take official transportation provided by the organizers. Those who are not on the official transportation will not be granted access to the Brigade. Please note that bus will depart no later than the stated time. We recommend that you arrive at your bus stop, 5-10 minutes earlier then the bus departing time.

For those whose accommodation is located in Kajaani or are arriving by their own transportation, should take the bus leaving from Kaukametsä to the Brigade. There is a car park in Kaukametsä, where you can leave your own car if needed.

The bus leaving from Katinkulta to the Brigade, will depart at 09:00 sharp.

The bus leaving from Kaukametsä venue to the Brigade, will depart at 09:20 sharp.

There will be a sign on the bus which shows the route the bus will take.

Bus schedule

Transportation Pick up Points